Gaming story @ Le Grand Palais: from a world to another

This picture was shot today at the Grand Palais in Paris, where the Game Story showing is garnering a lot of glowing reviews from the press, as well as being a huge public success during this christmas holiday season. The man on the left is Eric Chahi, legendary designer of videogames Another WorldHeart of Darkness & From Dust. After a long pause of ten years, a time he apparently used to pursue and frame volcano activity, he came back in the forefront in 2011 with the greenie oriented god game From Dust.

While visiting Game Story where his work is highlighted, he’s framing Philippe Dubois, here on the right of the picture. Dubbed by some as the “Henri Langlois of videogames”, Philippe is the head of non profit organization MO5, curator of the showing and currently helping computer & videogame culture getting a permanent museum for the public good.

Right above them you can see a part of the mural dedicated to the figure of Lara Croft. As videogame culture is finally getting through the last rites of mainstream normalization, it is clearly embracing another world…



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