Old Ideas hits the streets of Paris

Dear Leonard,

This is for the record

I’m glad to see you going home, back on the streets again
Especially among these leggy fumes of the french subway system

Your recent concerts gave you far more visibility and credit than ever before
You’re all over Youtube now, with bits of your craft from all over the world, times and places

I keep listening to Feels so good, the Chicago take by Albert Noonan, a song which hasn’t been recorded yet
It’s soothing and meaningful, as it has always been, healing a recent wound

You see I keep hearing things, since you remotely spoke to me:

Felipe Munhoz is 22 and a promising brasilian author
His first song Bombas was a fountain of youth and he says he writes a lot
and used to sing your songs in front of punk audiences whe he was 16

I’ll probably never meet you, but I’m looking forward meeting him someday

That’s your gift to us

I’m listening to Old Ideas right now. The opening track is wonderful. And the first notes of Darkness right after Show me the place sends a killer vibe down my spine

Otherwise I hear you’re not Snow White

But who is?

I still care for you, lazy bastard in a suit.

S.T.  for TheNightShift

One Response to “Old Ideas hits the streets of Paris”
  1. Fallait-il vraiment abandonner le français Sylvain ? Déjà que je me casse les méninges sur les textes de Leonard, maintenant il y a les tiens aussi à traduire, mais pourquoi tant de haine ? Peux-tu avoir l’extrême bonté rien que pour moi de me donner la version française de ce texte dont j’ai saisi à peu près l’essence mais cet à peu près me plonge dans une grande frustration !
    Si encore tu écrivais italien, je pourrais m’en sortir un peu mieux…
    Grazie mille mon ami !

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