Comic Con Paris, day one: their motto, cosplayin’ now.

For my second day at the Comic Con & Japan Expo, I decided to focus on the now very popular act of cosplaying. French society has been under the rule of conformism and normalization. All the while videogames and popular japanese culture found a gap in the imagination of french teens, who were totally abandoned by the traditionnal media during the 95-2005 decade. If the business aspect of it all is tentalizing, it clearly shows a need for imagination in times of dire restraints. A true sign of an aptitude to think more out of the box. With a feeling that it will be gone for something else within the next five years. For your viewing bliss, it is strongly advised to tune to The Only One by the Black Keys.

Tons of costumed people going on a stage and facing a huge crowd to pull off some moves from their favorite anime.

The street fighting rabbit King Kazuma from Summer Wars, a japanese animated film about the cohabitation of traditionnal family values and faster than light modernity.

Holy cosmos, the Prince is here!

Some shonen attitude here.

“We all have our sewing kits with us. Couldn’t go anywhere without them!”. An interesting diversity.

The REAL fashion victims of our times.

Iron man, Venom and a Bat ginger.

Some duty heavy sword.

For some it’s not just about wearing a costume from their favorite character. Some people go at great lenghts, including pain and facing ridicule, to reach some parcel of fiction truth.

Some reading time here.

Warriors debrief at the end of the day.

July 2012.


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