Ennio, the collective picture

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/85878212]

His hand addressing the harp. The ensemble choir picking up to his voice. The collective picture delivered by music. The pathos, the romantic, the glorious, the deeply latin rooted, emotional score of millions of people.

Last night in the ominous parisian Bercy hall, there was no film clip, yet cinema was everywhere. From Cinema Paradiso to Once Upon A time in The West, The Untouchables to The Mission, The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti to the beautiful Abolisson, Ennio Morricone’s incredible body of work was greeted by an enthusiastic audience of 10 000.

Coming from all walks of life, the public’s cheerfulness was a poignant testimony of how his music, in turn intimate and epic, classical and provocative, bears an ongoing popular impact. For this is truly a concert of a lifetime. The life we had in pictures. And his in music, his legacy reaching far more depths than the glorious Leone collaborations. And a certain European balance to the powers that be in Hollywood. The wonderful documentary which opened the night, and was oddly booed, ended on a hearfelt nod toward his son Andrea and his wife Maria, proving his heart, inspiration and craft has always been a family affair.

Good or bad, we need heroes. Figures we can look up and crave for, making amends for our lives, our daily joy and sorrows. At 85, Ennio Morricone gives an heroïc lesson. And multiple ear orgasms.

Sylvain Thuret
TheNightShift – 02.04.2014


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