Hi, my name is Sylvain Thuret.
I’m a french based, freelance web & print editor.

I’m mostly interested in cinema, videogames, music and media issues.

I created TheNightShift because I believe in quality oriented content available everywhere, wether you’re comfy at home or travelling around the globe. And I try not to dwelve on any kind of format. We’re entering a world where the old media, self obsessed with the format, should step down and give more creativity to writers and artists through digital, collaborative means. The name of this mag, though not very original, is a nod to the necessity of having a spiritual life of sorts, in a time where it is seen as a luxury. There’s the daytime hassle. And there’s the night, when poetry and ideas flow like rivers of wine. It’s important to have a nightlife, metaphorically or straightfully. 

I’m giving my best sharing these thoughts.  I try to surprise you with many different approaches, topics and lenghts. My resume includes working for TF1, Canal+group, Serie Club, TF6, Plon Perrin, and a medium size agency called Oswald Orb.

My field of specialization are :
– American cinema : Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Francis Ford Coppola, John Carpenter, James Gray.
– Videogames: history and growth as a cross-cultural & digital phenomenon.
– Music, especially rock-folk music: Leonard Cohen, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young…
– Television programming: series and a fair knowledge and interest for television’s history.
– Literature: film, music and gaming essays ; Stephen King, Roald Dahl.

I also have a solid experience as a corporate & real estate copywriter.

After 15 essays, people from more than 60 countries showed up reading this mag. I’m grateful for the precious time you’re spending with me,  as I’m trying to make valuable pieces, which takes a good amount of time. I don’t believe in the hype. I only believe in quality. Please keep reading and sharing your thoughts. 

I’m currently looking for a job so, If you’re an avid reader of this mag or if you wanna hire me, you can drop me a line at sylthuret@gmail.com.


Tender of TheNightShift


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