My Edith: a tribute from Jean Cocteau… and TheNightShift

Today, France celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jean Cocteau’s and Edith Piaf’s passing. The famous author gave the singer extraordinaire a role in the play “Le Bel Indifférent”, along with her then lover Paul Meurisse. To saluate their legacy, you will find a translated letter from Jean to Edith, which is a part of several commemorative events, … Continue reading

The Million year picnic

From page 1, the nights have been different, and the cool winds too. Somehow people meet, yet remain strangers through. But your stories are still living, breathing dreams to many. Each night they’re falling asleep, to a wonderful metaphor, traveling and fantasy. Tonight the world over, is paying its due. And strangers become friends, thanks … Continue reading

Allo Jaffar !

Just as any, I have been happy to enjoy many traits bearing Moebius-Gir signature on films. Tron, Alien, The Fifth Element as well and maybe some Blade Runner and Dune too. But It was my best friend who really talked to me about him. A talented graphist in his own right, he grew up with … Continue reading

A vampire’s kiss

 TheNightShift 28.02.2012