America America je t’ai tout donné et maintenant je ne suis plus rien America Deux dollars et 27 cents 17 janvier, 1956 Je ne me supporte plus American quand arrêterons nous la guerre humaine Va te faire foutre avec ta bombe atomique Je ne me sens pas très bien arrête de me chercher je n’écrira … Continue reading

Allo Jaffar !

Just as any, I have been happy to enjoy many traits bearing Moebius-Gir signature on films. Tron, Alien, The Fifth Element as well and maybe some Blade Runner and Dune too. But It was my best friend who really talked to me about him. A talented graphist in his own right, he grew up with … Continue reading

The French Institute’s first annual press conference: are froggies bouncing back?

THE FRENCH INSTITUTE, WHO HAD THE CURTESY OF INVITING TheNightShift IN CANNES THIS LAST MAY, JUST HELD ITS FIRST ANNUAL PRESS CONFERENCE IN ORDER TO INTRODUCE THEIR BUDGET & SHOWCASE THEIR DEVELOPMENT.  Strange currencies As France  took a blow with the loss of its S&P  triple A notification, people have been recently seen queuing for hours  to … Continue reading

Old Ideas hits the streets of Paris

Dear Leonard, This is for the record I’m glad to see you going home, back on the streets again Especially among these leggy fumes of the french subway system Your recent concerts gave you far more visibility and credit than ever before You’re all over Youtube now, with bits of your craft from all over the … Continue reading