My Edith: a tribute from Jean Cocteau… and TheNightShift

Today, France celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jean Cocteau’s and Edith Piaf’s passing. The famous author gave the singer extraordinaire a role in the play “Le Bel Indifférent”, along with her then lover Paul Meurisse. To saluate their legacy, you will find a translated letter from Jean to Edith, which is a part of several commemorative events, … Continue reading

The French Institute’s first annual press conference: are froggies bouncing back?

THE FRENCH INSTITUTE, WHO HAD THE CURTESY OF INVITING TheNightShift IN CANNES THIS LAST MAY, JUST HELD ITS FIRST ANNUAL PRESS CONFERENCE IN ORDER TO INTRODUCE THEIR BUDGET & SHOWCASE THEIR DEVELOPMENT.  Strange currencies As France  took a blow with the loss of its S&P  triple A notification, people have been recently seen queuing for hours  to … Continue reading